Express Delivery:

The online bulk SMS tool by SMSbuy provides complete assurance regarding faster and smoother delivery of all messages to every recipient. The 24/7 working servers ensure that no message is left behind and that every message is safely delivered to the recipient’s phone.

Free Bulk SMS Service:

SMSbuy provides a free online messaging service to 20 recipients for first-time users. We work on the development of trust with our users by providing our services in the best possible way.

Transactional and Promotional SMS:

Providing different bulk SMS services on multiple sorts of content for various purposes; transactional SMS service for dissemination of alerts, information, and greeting messages, and promotional SMS service for sending advertisement and promotional content.

Safety and Privacy:

The web servers of our online bulk SMS service are completely secured and protected, providing end-to-end encryption on both sides and, thus, delivering the bulk messages safely to the actual recipient, all according to our privacy policy.

Bulk SMS templates:

Our website also provides free promotional SMS templates and transactional SMS templates for first-time users (Terms and conditions applied). The registered users can themselves design templates and contribute to our website.