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These terms and conditions depict the terms of use and rules for availing the opportunity of Linkup Technologies Private Limited's Website, located at smsbuy.in. By accessing this website we suppose that you’ve accepted all of these terms and conditions.

Discontinue using SMSbuy if you’re not agreeing to accept these terms and conditions.The following terminologies apply to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Statement, and Disclaimer Notices: "Client", "Your" and "You" indicate you, the person who is logged on to this website and compliant with this website’s terms and conditions. "We", "Our", "Ourselves", "Us", "The Agency", "Our Company”, refers to Linkup Technologies Private Limited. Words of "Party", "Parties", or "Us", indicate both the Client/User and this Company. All the terms refer to the offer and acceptance of payment necessary to undergo the legal process of using our website’s services are appropriate according to the need of the client and to the services we offer. This all is subject to the prevailing law of India. Any use of the above terminologies or other words in any form or capitalization is taken as interchangeable and, thus, these words will refer to the same meaning as stated above.


This website employs the use of cookies. If you are accessing this website (SMSbuy), you have already agreed to use cookies in agreement with Linkup Technologies Private Limited's Privacy Policy. Almost all user-friendly websites use cookies to retrieve the details of the user every time he/she visits. Cookies are used by this website to allow proper functionality in certain domains to make it smoother for the people visiting this website.


Unless stated otherwise, Linkup Technologies Private Limited and/or its licensors own the intellectual property and every right on SMSbuy. All rights are reserved. You can have an access to this after contacting SMSbuy and after taking permission for your personal use. This, too, is subjected to our terms and conditions.

You must not:

  • Publish any content from SMSbuy to any platform
  • Sell or rent any material from SMSbuy
  • Duplicate or copy content from SMSbuy
  • Disseminate any material from SMSbuy

This agreement starts and applies to you the moment you access this website.

Parts of this website offer an opportunity for visitors to have access to certain areas on the website such as the FAQ part. Linkup Technologies Private Limited does not review or edit Comments before their presence. Comments are just opinions of the people who post on the website and do not indicate views of Linkup Technologies Private Limited or its team. Therefore, according to the above-mentioned terms and applied rules, Linkup Technologies Private Limited will not be responsible for any damage or expense caused due to the presence of any comment/post on this website, as such controversial comments are public property and don’t refer to our views/opinions.

Linkup Technologies Private Limited reserves the right to manage and supervise all comments and to delete any Comment which is offensive, ill-suited, or causes a violation of the above-stated Terms and Conditions.

As per this website rules and regulations, it should be crystal-clear to you that:
  • You are openly allowed to do comments and post your opinions to our website;
  • The Comments should not violate our terms and conditions, refer to any third-party app or advertise some other portfolio;
  • The Comments should not contain any annoying, uncivil, ill-mannered, offensive, violent, unlawful or provocative content;
  • The Comments should not contain any advertisement for other businesses, websites, apps, services, or companies.

You, thus, allow Linkup Technologies Private Limited to delete, edit or reproduce any of your Comments in any format or media form.

Hyperlinking to our Content

The following agencies can link to our Website without beforehand approval:

  • Governmental departments;
  • Search-engines;
  • News agencies;
  • Web directory managers;
  • System-wide selected businesses except those related to non-profit or charity works.
These agencies can link to our whole website, our posts, or other information in a way that the link (a) is not deceptive; (b) does not falsely implicate with endorsement or sponsorship of the linking party and its services; (c) completely is related to the website of linking party. We can take the links from the following agencies for consideration and approval:
  • Business or community information sources
  • ‘DOT.COM’ public asset sites;
  • Charity groups or non-profit businesses;
  • Online Web-Portals
  • Law firms and consulting agencies.
  • Educational and trade Institutions for the dissemination of information.
We will approve link requests from these organizations if we decide that: (a) The link isn’t meant for derogating our business; (b) the agencies haven’t any negative relation to this website or company; (c) The benefit is meant for us and it compensates the absence (if there is/would be) of Linkup Technologies Private Limited; (d) the link meant for a general source of information to the public and not meant for private goals.

In case you are amongst the above-listed agencies or organizations and want to link our website or copy any of its material, you must take written permission from us by sending an e-mail to Linkup Technologies Private Limited. In the email, you should include your name, your contact information, your organization name, the URL of your web-site, the whole list of any other URL from which you aim to link to our website, and the purpose of linking. Wait for at least two weeks for an appropriate response from us. We shall consider your application and approve it if it doesn’t stand against our website standards and terms of services

Approved agencies can hyperlink to our Web-site in following ways:
  • By using our company name; or
  • By using the mainstream resource locator; or
  • By using any other description of our Website that makes sense in the context of its usage and linkage.
Without any trademark license agreement, the use of Linkup Technologies Private Limited's logo or other artwork will not be allowed for any purposes.


Without prior written permission and approval from our managing team, nobody is allowed to create frames on and/or around our Webpage that can distort the visual appearance of this Website.

Content Liability

We shall not be responsible for any sort of content that on your website that appears after your hyperlinking from our website. You shall be responsible for the consequences on your website even if the content was copied from our website. No links or content should appear on any webpage that violates rules and regulations by digital authorities and Governmental bodies.

Your Privacy

Open and read the Privacy Policy section.

Reservation of Rights

We hold the right to ask that you remove from your website all or any specific link/URL of our website. You have to remove the links immediately upon request. We also have the right to change the above-stated terms and conditions and its linking policy for the betterment of our company. You agree to our terms and conditions automatically if you are visiting this website frequently.